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I'm Andrew Stalker, Mountain Leader and Climbing Wall Instructor.

Having always been an outdoors kid and growing up on a farm, venturing into the wilderness nearly came as second nature. I learned to climb at university and was soon teaching fellow students the good old figure of eight knot. This led me to working towards and passing my CWI, allowing me to continue to pass on the knowledge and passion there is for climbing. A sport that is welcoming to so many people and is a great social activity, it is great to see so many new climbers always coming to try out something new and get a grip (pun intended) with climbing walls.

Mountain environment and navigation was introduced to me at a young age and having grown up on a farm, the outdoors is my favourite place to be. Leading myself and others into the Mountains was a daunting task at first but several years of experience and becoming a Mountain Leader has truly expanded my comfort zone. Leading people to expand their own comfort zone, feel the buzz that comes after ascending a peak or traversing a great ridge is really rewarding. For physical and mental health, there is no better place to be.

Skills and Guiding

Interested in learing some new skills? Perhaps you just want to see some beautiful views and take in the fresh air. Here's some of the things I can offer you

Guided Walks

From easy countryside rambles to Mountain bagging missions, having a guide can make this a much less daunting experience. Have all the worry of planning, navigation and safety taken care of. Guiding can be tailored to your own objectives and fitness levels, where you can feel at ease with what you want to achieve.

We've all learned that walking is good for Mental Health. Fresh air and endorphins relive stess and keep you in good health. Perhaps you want to get out but dont have the confidence. Maybe you dont have the skills quite yet but aren't ready to pick them up. Then having a guide migh just be the easiest way to push your boundaries from the local park.

Learn to 'Leave No Trace'

Interested in the environment or perhaps want to learn about hiking and adventure with minimal impact, Leave No Trace and their principles help to guide us on what is appropriate on our journeys into the wilderness.

Learning can be from a country park to a mountain peak, over the course of an afternoon to all day.

Visit Leave No Trace to find out more.

NNAS Awards

The NNAS or National Navigation Award Scheme was setup to introduce and teach navigation skills and imporve confidence when out in the countryside.

Bronze level introduces you to the outside and essential map reading skills. Learn about following pasths and directions, how to use a compass and take bearings, plan a walk, and know about any restrictions when out on your jouryey.

Silver level takes you off paths and into the unknown. Learn to follow bearings and identify features on a map. Avoid difficult terrain and learn the basics of what kit to carry when.

More details on the awards can be found on their site NNAS Navigator Award

Bespoke Skills Courses

Want to learn some particular skills not listed. Learn to climb indoors? Night Navigation? Wild Camping? If you are looking for something less structured or have a particular focus in mind then get in touch to create a customised experience or course.


To get in touch you can direct message on Instagram, or send an email to enquiries@andrewstalker.co.uk


Find some of my routes

I record all my personal walking and routes on Komoot. Here you can follow me and find routes to explore.